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Sex has a prominent, role to play in a relationship, although it is not the foundation of the relationship itself. Once a woman’s vagina becomes loosened or less stretchy, she feels undesirable, sometimes has difficulties in having orgasms and difficulties in feeling sensations during the intercourse. Vaginal rejuvenation in such cases appears to be one of the best methods to regain vagina tightness, and enjoy sex life more. Here are some cost effective options for vaginal rejuvenation for you to check out and possibly use, if you suffer or feel like your vagina has become loosed or less flexible over time.

Non surgical methods for vaginal rejuvenation

If you find out or feel like your vagina has lost its elasticity, and think that it needs a vaginal rejuvenation process, it is safe to start considering non surgical remedies to resolve the issue. First and foremost, they are generally harmless, safest and do not require a lot of money like surgical methods, because the latter needs the presence of a professional and qualified surgeon only to carry out the task, to ensure that no complications arise in the surgery process and after the surgery too.

Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are one of the best ways of regaining vaginal rejuvenation for every woman. Although they were first introduced to help pregnant woman to prepare their pelvic muscles before the birth, and also those who gave birth, to help them get their elasticity back, these exercises have now been adopted as one of the vaginal rejuvenation procedures.

It only requires practice and patience, to start acknowledging the results as it takes time to repair the looseness.

The use of tightening gels and creams


Another non-surgical option for vaginal rejuvenation would be the use of tightening gels or cream, and the V-Tight Gel from is one of the best on the market. The results are visible as you apply it, and during the intercourse, there is really a sensation of tightening.

This gel helps tighten the vagina naturally; it restores suppleness and reshapes the vaginal walls, rejuvenates and restores lubrication.

Other non surgical options

Laser treatment is also one of the best non surgical options for vaginal rejuvenation. Although it is not the cheapest, and the fees vary from one medical institution to another, it is necessary to consult a qualified specialist who will consult you and explain to you the procedure for such a treatment. The results of vaginal rejuvenation with laser are aesthetic and do not require any incision like the surgery process.

Surgical options

If you feel all other options (cream, exercises, laser treatment etc.) have failed you, then the surgical procedure is a resort to consider, although it is not the cheapest. Since this method is a bit risky, it requires the services of a qualified surgeon. Although it helps restore women’s confidence, this surgical procedure is quite expensive.
Whatever the method you consider to use, it is necessary to research about it, and acknowledge whether it suits you.

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