How South Africa got rid of the Apartheid fungus

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In 2014 South Africa celebrated 20 years of democracy and freedom that followed the fall of the infamous apartheid. The law of racial segregation had infected the country for more than four decades. Similar to what a fungal infection does to a toenail and how ZetaClear can heal it, the ethnic discrimination had produced a severe damage to the country. Here is how the people of South Africa managed to turn the tables around and walk on the long road to freedom:

How was the South African apartheid created?


In 1948 the white minority in South Africa, which amounted to less than 20% of the population was declared by law as a superior race, and the only one deemed to rule the country. This regime that later came to be known as apartheid was instated by the National Party, which followed the racist line of governing promoted by the former Dutch and British colonialists.

Apartheid led to a steady decrease of quality life for the other ethnicities living in South Africa that lost most of their human rights. The National Party forced its laws upon the population through a strict military regime that brutally suppressed all riots. Just like toenail fungus slowly destroys your nail bed and the skin around it so did these extreme measures impacted the culture and lifestyle of South Africans.

How to restore freedom and get rid of fungus

As the Office of the Historian puts it, at the beginning of the 1990s, South Africa needed a fast remedy for the fungal infection that had damaged the country for over 40 years. If left untreated, toenail fungus can lead to a severe infection of your foot and the eventual loss of your nails. Fortunately, you can cure it quick and easy with ZetaClear – an all-natural remedy for onychomycosis that restores natural color and odor in just a few days of treatment.

Inspired by natural born leaders like Nelson Mandela, South Africans regained their rights, and the apartheid fungus was eliminated to give equal power to all people, regardless of their color or ethnicity.

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