The end of apartheid also means a higher libido for South African women

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At more than 20 years since South Africa eliminated apartheid, the people of the country are trying to make the best out of their human rights and live life to the fullest. The harsh regime that damaged the country from 1948 to 1994 had diminished the quality of life for South African women.

The restrictive laws led many into depression and an early menopause that killed their sexual life. Nowadays, the middle-aged ladies of South Africa are trying to improve their libido and overcome genetic traits that they have inherited from the previous generations of wronged women.

How was sex life in apartheid South Africa?


Apartheid was the separation of social classes in South Africa depending on race and skin color that marred the country for more than four decades. While the white ethnicity enjoyed a full set of human rights, the other races living there had to settle for humiliating treatment from the government.

These circumstances led to a major depression for the oppressed women. Most of them would lose all lust for life and its pleasures before even reaching middle age. Sex was completely unappealing as long as marriages, raising children and living a healthy life were almost impossible.

The cure South African women use to get a higher libido

As history records it, the South African women tried desperately to fight depression through the entire apartheid period. Rebellions, protests, and marches needed careful planning and execution to make an impact, and often left little time for a healthy sexual life. As a result, a low libido was passed from one generation to another.

Present day South African women want to put a stop to this damaged heritance by using Provestra, a very efficient cure for low sex drive that restores the urge for passionate sex in just a few weeks. This treatment benefits middle-aged women by increasing their libido, treating vaginal dryness and sustaining female sexual health.

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